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Collections database

Collecting and preserving paleontological specimens, a part of humankind's natural history heritage, is one of the statutory tasks of the Institute of Paleobiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IP PAS). Their central part (made available now through the database) is constituted by collections described in publications edited by the Institute. At present, the number of such collections is about 800; their size is very variable, from a single specimen to over 10 000 fossils. Archive photographs from Polish-Mongolian Expeditions are also a part of the catalogue and may be found as Foto_Mon collection.

The database is a compilation of more than 20 catalogue systems, lists based on publications and physical inventories. We are constantly working on data verification but we also would appreciate bringing to our attention any problems you find with the data by emailing Collections Curator.

Please feel free to browse. You may want to consult the Searching tips tab first to learn how effectively search the database.

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